Thursday, 24 November 2011

Konvensyen SPR IPR 2011

Sesi Pertanyaan Soalan
Wakil UTeM
Wakil UTeM
Persembahan Kreatif - Penglipur lara
Barisan pelakon Zon Selatan
Auntie & US
They're straight. actually :p
Wakil UTHM & UTM
mereka dari UTM
Sesi Interview
Waiting for the speech slot
Sesi Resolusi
This is our (SPR UTeM) first time joined the konvensyen SPR IPT since the new leadership exist. There are so many things that we learn from this program. InsyaAllah, the new leadership of SPR UTeM (2011) will make a huge change in order to compete with others.

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